MPP - Pie and Pom Poms

So I recently received my paper pumpkin, which adorbs! The only issue I had with it was the pom pom's were flat, they had little life to them and I wanted more poof and puff! So heres what I did

I started by using the chipboard that came in the box (its there and you should never throw them away). Then I began wrapping the yarn around it, when I was to the end, I cut it on one side only, you need some length to make the poof!
Then I divided my yarn into two pieces, by pulling it apart , as you can see the middle is how it comes and the two outside pieces are how it looks when you separate the strings.

Then I mostly (do I ever) followed the instructions.... If you haven't made a pom pom before (however unlikely that is) follow the instructions first! 
When I was finished, this is what I had.

Hope you enjoyed project...


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