Perpetual Calendar by Stampin' Up!

The new Perpetual Calendar by Stampin' Up!
Here is my finished project!

So here's what I did to make this awesomely awesome bound perpetual calendar

I started by cutting my crumb cake cardstock to 6 x 11 (12 of them)

I also had to cut off about a ¼ inch from the chip board /backer board (striped) included in the kit

I started my sandwich by adding the chip board first, then the 12 pieces of crumb cake, then topped it with the chip board/backer board(from the kit)

I ran each piece through my cinch, then bound it with a 1” wire binding. 

After that, I started to stamp and embellishment my printed calendar sheets (included in the kit). 
The rest is pretty much up to you… and how you want it to look.

Note if you’re going to color your letters, it is easier to do it while they are still attached to the adhesive letters sheets, and let it dry before using it (when its wet, it can tear).

I also used adhesive on three sides leaving one side (right) open for notes, reminders and gift cards! 

I hope this has helped you! 

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  1. Love the way you bound the calendar! I haven't purchased it yet because I didn't like the loose pages but this is a great idea.

    1. Thanks Robyn! I love it, and I think you will too!!!

  2. Love it ! Could not found 1" wire gold. Any suggestion ?

    1. Claudine, I would suggest Cinch Book Binding Wires, 0.75-Inch, Gold

      It may be a bit tighter, but should still work nicely!
      Hope this helps!