SSINK - Quick Cards

Hello and good morning!
Today's assignment is a Quick Card....

Quick card.... not so quick thought process, lol (as a friend recently told me). 

My cards are more of the special of the day.... 
you either understand what it is you're getting or you don't order it! 
Easy yes, simple NEVER!!!

Today's card is simple and simply stunning... for a today's special... yup its pretty tasty!

I went for a pairing of wonder wisteria and perfect plum on very vanilla cardstock and matching vv satin ribbon. I really hope you like love it, most of the time easy elegant just works... 

All joking aside, today Bill will have ablation done for his heart, so I will be at the medical center with him. I remember when he had his valve (job) replaced in 07, scariest day of my life... the idea that he might not be here,is far too hellish a thing to think of... he is the love of my life!
So while he is the one I should be worried about I know in an hour, he will be the one assuring me that everything is going to be fine... I will follow up after we get home... hopefully this will help him to feel better!

Thanks for stoppin' by

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