mojo missing

If you find my mojo please tell it to come home...

I've been super busy getting the homeschooling part of our lives into a workable schedule and by the time Butter is finished with school, I'm worn out! That also leaves me with the current problem... for days in a row, I get nothing crafty done and when I do, it gets added to the unfinished pile, or in the trash.
Today I'm sharing one of my unfinished projects, that could someday become something else, for now its partially there, lol!

I used the new My Favorite Things stamp set "Santa's Elves" I tried some masking and was happy with it until I started coloring it in with my alcohol markers.....  Ah well... cookies crumble!
So I guess today's post is all about the what ifs?  What happens on the missing mojo days?
For me I try to organize the products and projects I'm currently working on, into files, boxes or throw lost causes away.  I take that crafty time to be more active and here is my breakdown in a nutshell
1. Catch up on Friends blogs... comment and get new ideas
2. Go back to the social media and see what I've been missing:Places like Pinterest and Instagram
3. Call and send cards to folks I've been out of touch with
4. Relax... Comfy blanky here I come :)
5. Go for a drive... sometimes getting out of the house can clear the mind and help regain the focus you've been missing from the day to day scrabble. 

Until my next time

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